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Embassy of Peace – our Etheric Support Teams

In our new Support Teams page we wish to share about another Matrix that the Embassy of Peace is blended with on an energy level. Via the below heart-warming insights, Jasmuheen will also share how each program came into being via her direct experiences with each Matrix of Support.

This section requires and open heart and mind as it introduces more of the etheric support teams – of the greatest light and love – that are working with our Ambassadors on Earth. See a video on these ones at the end of this page.

And so we would like to begin the with following video that talks of being on other planets – bilocation – plus telepathy and more.

VIDEO 1 – Meetings with Light Beings and Buddha on Venus with Jasmuheen

In this Inspiring Real Life Stories video above, Jasmuheen shares the story of her first conscious visit with the Light Beings on Venus and also about the problems with being in our ego and in too much mental energy which can limit the field of revelation. She also shares about bilocation, telepathy, higher dimensional beings and meetings in other star systems. Part 1 of 2 videos about Venus meeting, the second follows on below. This video forms part of her Inspiring Real Life stories series at this link.

VIDEO 2 – The birth of the Embassy of Peace & Meeting Light Beings on Venus plus Earth’s Evolution with Jasmuheen

In this next video above, Jasmuheen talks of her second meeting on Venus in 2006 and the establishment of powerful programs on Earth that are answering prayers for many. She continues discussing telepathy and contact as she has experienced this since she was very young – also the role we have of being the messenger, misunderstanding messages and more.

How the Luscious Lifestyles Program came into being … In the below video, Jasmuheen shares how the Luscious Lifestyles program came to be and the Ascended Master support Matrix behind this lifestyle program plus its effects on people’s health and happiness levels over the last 17 + years that it has been applied by so many.

How the 12 Pathways of Peace program came into being … Angelic Paths and a Divine Dance with Jasmuheen – In this below video of Real Life Inspiring Stories, Jasmuheen shares about her love for, and the benefits of, Sufi Dancing and how in that ecstatic state she connected with the Angelic realms and received the 12 Pathways of Peace. In this insightful peace-filled video, she also offers techniques for accessing higher levels of creativity plus some powerful quantum coding.

In the following video Jasmuheen talks about how the Unity Reset Program came into this world from the Beings of Light from the Unified realms.

In this Inspiring Real Life story below about the birth f the Unity Reset program plus more, Jasmuheen’s energy transmissions bring you into the Unity Reset field with her Light Being friends by reliving two powerful experiences with them before then taking you into a heartfelt, powerful life upgrade and activation code so you can fulfil what you were born to do at this time and aid all in this challenging time. In this new video, the coding is towards the end … but receive the transmission of energy leading up to it for the complete coding effectiveness.

The Blue Line Beings – in this next video Jasmuheen shares about the 3 lines of beings who are working with so many on Earth – those that connnect with governments who are engaged in trade and technology exchange plus those that are connecting with pure-hearted meditators whose lives vibrate in nourishing way. It is the Blue Line Beings that support the Embassy of Peace and our Affiliate Initiation ceremony.

In this final video for this page above, Jasmuheen shares openly about her many meetings with what she calls the Blue Line Beings who are a collection of higher consciousness Light Beings from many star systems who always operate for the highest good of all sentient life. These are the multi-dimensional and the ones working with so many heart centered people on Earth. They are very different to the ones connecting with governments are others in technological or trade exchange.

Below …. A powerful Light Being Message on Ascension and Holographic reality

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2020 Embassy of Peace Global Update

An update with Jasmuheen on some of the activities of the Embassy of Peace over the last 13 years since it was launched in 2007. In this video she also shares a little of the progression of the main programs as they are being offered around the world by the Embassy’s Ambassadors of Peace.

For more insight to the Embassy go to

2021 Embassy of Peace Retreat in India

Due to the Global Pandemic this retreat will hopefully occur in 2022

Our next retreat will be in Rishikesh in India – in the below video you will find a few insights from Jasmuheen.

Please note that due to the Covid-19 situation this retreat has been transferred from October 2020 to 2022.

Rishikesh, India – International Embassy of Peace Retreat – In this brief video Jasmuheen shares about why each retreat is held in various vortices and who is called to affiliate with the Embassy to share their programs either as a living example or as an ambassadors of Peace.

The next gathering is in Rishikesh India but spaces at the hotel may be limited so book soon if this calls you after watching this video and applying what she suggests.

Maria Tereza – Brazil

Name: Maria Tereza Marinho Carneiro da Cunha Email: [email protected] Web-site: Instagram: Portal Alnilam Facebook: Portal Alnilam Youtube: Portal Alnilam Reiki Master, Magnified Healing® Grand Master, All Love Teacher, Floral Therapist.

Maria Tereza Following Jasmuheen since her first visit to Brazil, in 2002. Since then I guide my life according to the new paradigms brought by the Embassy of Peace.

With a background in psycho-sociolinguistics since 1998, my devotion and performance has migrated to working with the energy system, focusing specially on facilitating paths that help me and those who come to me and to remember and go back to living with the consciousness of who we really are, in perfect self-mastery and connection to ourselves and all that is. In close communication with the Realms of Light in different multiverses.

Established in Brasilia-DF- Brazil, I have added (Since 2015) the programs of the Embassy of Peace to the other paths already multiplied by me.

Along with Ana Tereza, Maria Tereza is also the organizer for the Embassy of Peace Training Retreats in Brazil.

Ana Tereza – Brazil

Name: Ana Tereza Permejani Dalprat Close Email: [email protected] Web-Site: Instagram: ana_tereza_reiki_consciente Facebook: Casa do Reiki Consciente São José dos Campos                     Ana Tereza e o Reiki Consciente   Reiki Master, Reiki Therapist, Jikiden Reiki Shihan, Magnified Healing® Master, All Love teacher.

Ana Tereza   Living in  São José dos Campos, São Paulo – Brazil. A teacher by academic background, I began my transition to the therapeutic path by studying many techniques, philosophies and methods, including the study of Reiki. From theoretical studies, then practice. So I learned to observe and let sensitivity teach as much as theory. Acting therapeutically and teaching holistic courses and formations, bringing elements from all stages of my journey on the energy path, since 2003 I founded in 2005 the Reiki House (currently the Conscious Reiki House) in São José dos Campos, to promote the reestablishment of balance at all levels and make accessible the knowledge of various pathways for expansion of consciousness and self-mastery.  

After knowing Jasmuheen – first through books and research, then in person in 2006, I became an Ambassador of Peace in 2015 – experiencing and multiplying the Programs of new life paradigms presented by her has since then become a dynamic and natural practice among the paths offered by the Conscious Reiki House.  

Gatherings of Love, Wisdom & Power – Jasmuheen on Tour 2019

Jasmuheen talking about the power of gatherings around the world where the energy of love, wisdom and power can nourish all who come as well as cities, countries and the planet itself.

If you would like to be a part of these gatherings, please see

Our next Embassy Retreat – September 2022

Stay tuned for exact dates and more data or make your interest known to Anjie

Email: [email protected]

A Call from the Heart

I love the fact that those who attend our International Embassy of Peace Retreats do so because of a call from their hearts. This always makes for such an interesting mix of loving and dedicated people.

Many know also that we hold these retreats in locations that also call our hearts and so I wait until that call comes. This year the beautiful energy vortex of Rishikesh – the ancient home of the Rishis – has called and so we have booked a small but great energy gathering place at the foothills of the Himalayas where the sacred Ganges river begins to wind its way through India and where its waters are so pure.

We will begin our retreat with a sunrise meditation-puja in an Ancient temple dedicated to Durga the Divine Mother and we will end in a powerful cave of an ancient yogi followed by a sacred rebirth dip in the crystalline Ganga waters.And in between?

We will share again with our Ambassadors of Peace of their journey with our Embassy Programs and also welcome and initiate additional Affiliates of the Embassy plus share the latest planetary evolutionary updates and so much more!

So,tune in, feel what your heart is saying, do you feel that call to come?
If so then please book quickly with Anjie as places truly are limited.

Our gathering hall is small, our hotel rooms limited although you can book
alternate accommodation in the surrounding area if you need to.

Here are the basics – September 2022
Email: [email protected]

Brazil – Silvia Barreto Schmidt

A Embaixada da Paz no Brasil e seus Embaixadores

Embaixador da Paz: Silvia Barreto Schmidt

E-mail – [email protected]

Portuguese – Informações: Silvia Barreto Schmidt

  • Terapeuta artística e holística com certificação internacional nessas duas modalidades.
  • Mora e trabalha em Florianópolis – Ilha da Magia na região sul do Brasil, na bela Santa Catarina.
  • Idealizadora da Associação Atená – Centro de Transformação Pessoal e Artística que é mantida pela Associação do mesmo nome, que atua a 20 anos com terapias holísticas e cursos de aprofundamento e auto conhecimento em arte, meditação ligados ao espirito.
  • Em 2018 estará conduzindo o programa de Estilo de Vida Prazeroso que ao seu término trabalhara com os doze caminhos para a paz neste espaço no sul da ilha.

In English – Peace Ambassador: Silvia Barreto Schmidt – Email: [email protected]

  • Silvia Barreto Schmidt in a certified artist and holistic therapist and has qualifications in both modalities.
  • She lives and works in Florianópolis (the so called “Magic Island”) in the beautiful state of Santa Catarina in southern Brazil.
  • Silvia is the founder of the Atená Association – a Center for Personal and Artistic Transformation that is supported and maintained by the Atená Association. They have been serving the local community for over 20 years by providing holistic therapies and art and meditation courses that promote self-knowledge and self-development and are connected to the spirit.
  • In 2018 Silvia will be conducting the Embassy of Peace’s Luscious Lifestyle Program and right after that, the Twelve Pathways of Peace Program at the Atená Association.