Our Ambassadors of Peace

Embassy of Peace – our Etheric Support Teams

In our new Support Teams page we wish to share about another Matrix that the Embassy of Peace is blended with on an energy level. Via the below heart-warming insights, Jasmuheen will also share how each program came into being via her direct experiences with each Matrix of Support. This section requires and open heart…

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2020 Embassy of Peace Global Update

An update with Jasmuheen on some of the activities of the Embassy of Peace over the last 13 years since it was launched in 2007. In this video she also shares a little of the progression of the main programs as they are being offered around the world by the Embassy’s Ambassadors of Peace. For…

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2021 Embassy of Peace Retreat in India

Our next retreat will be 2nd-8th September in 2021 in Rishikesh – in the below video you will find a few insights from Jasmuheen. Please note that due to the Covid-19 situation this retreat has been transferred from October 2020 to 2021. Rishikesh, India – 2nd-8th September 2021 – International Embassy of Peace Retreat –…

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Maria Tereza – Brazil

Name: Maria Tereza Marinho Carneiro da Cunha Email: [email protected] Web-site: www.portalalnilam.com.br Instagram: Portal Alnilam Facebook: Portal Alnilam Youtube: Portal Alnilam Reiki Master, Magnified Healing® Grand Master, All Love Teacher, Floral Therapist. Maria Tereza Following Jasmuheen since her first visit to Brazil, in 2002. Since then I guide my life according to the new paradigms brought…

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Ana Tereza – Brazil

Name: Ana Tereza Permejani Dalprat Close Email: [email protected] Web-Site: www.casadoreikiconsciente.com Instagram: ana_tereza_reiki_consciente Facebook: Casa do Reiki Consciente São José dos Campos                     Ana Tereza e o Reiki Consciente   Reiki Master, Reiki Therapist, Jikiden Reiki Shihan, Magnified Healing® Master, All Love teacher. Ana Tereza   Living in  São José dos Campos, São Paulo – Brazil….

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Gatherings of Love, Wisdom & Power – Jasmuheen on Tour 2019

Jasmuheen talking about the power of gatherings around the world where the energy of love, wisdom and power can nourish all who come as well as cities, countries and the planet itself. If you would like to be a part of these gatherings, please see www.jasmuheen.com/event-tour-calendar/

Our next Embassy Retreat – September 2021
Brazil – Silvia Barreto Schmidt

A Embaixada da Paz no Brasil e seus Embaixadores Embaixador da Paz: Silvia Barreto Schmidt E-mail – [email protected] Portuguese – Informações: Silvia Barreto Schmidt Terapeuta artística e holística com certificação internacional nessas duas modalidades. Mora e trabalha em Florianópolis – Ilha da Magia na região sul do Brasil, na bela Santa Catarina. Idealizadora da Associação…

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