Inspiring People and Talks

Embassy of Peace – our Etheric Support Teams

In our new Support Teams page we wish to share about another Matrix that the Embassy of Peace is blended with on an energy level. Via the below heart-warming insights, Jasmuheen will also share how each program came into being via her direct experiences with each Matrix of Support. This section requires and open heart…

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Peace or Chaos

Jasmuheen for the Embassy of Peace on discernment and changing reality channels. Duality and Chaos or living in the zone of peace on earth – the choice is ours!

Inspiring People – Jody Williams Vision for World Peace

Inspiring People Being active from a point of love and compassion is the key, as is following our true hearts call – enjoyed this talk about inspirational people and their step by step peace programs. Jody Williams: A realistic vision for world peace Nobel Peace laureate Jody Williams brings tough love to the dream of…

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