Established on the 07-07-07, our Embassy of Peace offers powerful programs for all to come into the rhythm of health, happiness and harmony, when they are ready.

We achieve this through the below 3 areas of programs and projects that are focused on personal, global and also universal harmonization.

Eliminating global health and hunger issues? Yes!

Enjoying the heaven on earth reality? Most definitely!

Using a simple science with formula to achieve this? Also yes!


As so many in our world are interested in anchoring into a zone of health, happiness and harmony, within themselves and with others, we now have many Ambassadors of Peace who are sharing these programs with others in their community or via their networks, even via weekly book club meetings and discussions as working as a group can be so supportive!

It is so important that all who Affiliate with the Embassy be living examples whose lives have been enhanced by our Programs, or who share the principles of the Embassy, so download and apply our programs in your life first. Just click on our https://embassyofpeace.net/our-agenda/ link for these.

Also, if you do wish to receive more data on our gatherings then please email Anjie who co-ordinates this, at the email section on the right hand side - or below if you are on your mobile device.

Also you can see our https://embassyofpeace.net/peace-ambassador-training/ section on our main menu for more!


One of the things we love the most at the Embassy is knowing where our programs came from - how they were born and why.

Also understanding what they can deliver is crucial - for example our Luscious Lifestyle program was designed to end all suffering on Earth when people are ready ... and our Source Feeding Program can aid in the elimination of health and hunger issues!

So please enjoy many inspirational videos at this link as you achieve a bigger picture view on what is being offered and the unusual support teams behind it all!

Also see the links below - especially our new Corona Wisdom Positive Support link.

Insights to Our Etheric Support Teams