Pragmatic Courses

Pragmatic Courses

2015-EP-HEADEREmbassy of Peace Agenda & Pragmatic Programs

The function of the Embassy of Peace is to promote pathways and methodology to the unified experience of the One People Living in Harmony on One Planet (OPHOP) reality that is now available to all who are open to this. This can be achieved via specific programs, that are designed to raise consciousness, accelerate benevolence, that are based on the principles of Inter-dimensional Energy Field Science.

Embassy of Peace Pragmatic Programs – the below details the main programs shared by the Embassy of Peace, that the Ambassadors of Peace can also be trained to share with their communities.

  • 1. The Luscious Lifestyles Program – enjoying the rhythm of health, happiness and harmony on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. The Luscious Lifestyle Program is offered by our Ambassador of Peace as a deeply transformational 11 week program for individuals and communities to be able to free themselves of all suffering and drastically improve their health and life quality.
  • 2. The 12 Pathways of Peace – for the experience of permanent personal and planetary peace. The 12 Pathways of Peace which includes the Success Codes for manifesting Love, Health, Wealth, Passion and Purpose plus co-creating more mutually beneficial friendship and family Relationship patterns. These Pathways are designed to deliver us personally and global into the rhythm of permanent peace when we are ready. This is a 12 week Program for our Ambassadors of Peace to share within their communities.
  • 3. Health and Healing – a preventative medicine program plus attaining and maintaining healthier life rhythms and also dealing effectively with all dis-ease on both personal and global levels.
  • 4. Pranic Living – eliminating all health and hunger issues, supporting long term resource sustainability, positively influencing and reversing global warming, improving health and taking care of basic human rights through the expansion of individual consciousness and the redistribution of planetary resources. Methodology for harmonious living within all levels of our own being and with all life on our planet.
  • 5. Our Interdimensional Energy Field Science Program – working with Universal Law and the Higher Light Science to manifest the One People Living in Harmony on One Planet Agenda while also applying the principles of the science to effectively establish Personal, Global and Universal Harmonization processes. Accessing and living in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth (aligning to and enjoying the Shamballa Matrix). This program on Interdimensional Energy Field Science also blends metaphysics and the magic of Universal Law, introduces higher dimensional views on many topics such as the Templates we all carry within, our multi-dimensional nature, life in other systems, E.T.’s, inner plane communication networks, influencing evolution in a way that benefits all and much more.
    6. The True Beloved – Tantric Living Program which will offer powerful methodology to transform all our relationships – our relationship with ourselves as Divine Beings in form, plus our relationships with all others so that we can experience the rhythms of health, happiness and harmony that are a natural part of unity consciousness. This program allows us to enter into the grandest Love affair we can ever know.

Our Ambassadors of Peace – Ambassadors of Peace gather each 12-18 months for the training of new ones and for the sharing of the active Ambassadors for the continual refinement of our programs.

  • Contact for Jasmuheen – email [email protected]
  • Jasmuheen’s Personal Assistant at the Embassy of Peace
    is Anjie, her email contact is
    [email protected],
    Anjie can also arrange bookings for training as an Ambassador of
    Peace at the Embassy’s retreat.
  • Fax number for Jasmuheen – +61 7 5445 6075
    P.O. Box 1754, Buderim, 4556, Australia