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Our next Embassy Retreat – September 2022

Stay tuned for exact dates and more data or make your interest known to Anjie

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A Call from the Heart

I love the fact that those who attend our International Embassy of Peace Retreats do so because of a call from their hearts. This always makes for such an interesting mix of loving and dedicated people.

Many know also that we hold these retreats in locations that also call our hearts and so I wait until that call comes. This year the beautiful energy vortex of Rishikesh – the ancient home of the Rishis – has called and so we have booked a small but great energy gathering place at the foothills of the Himalayas where the sacred Ganges river begins to wind its way through India and where its waters are so pure.

We will begin our retreat with a sunrise meditation-puja in an Ancient temple dedicated to Durga the Divine Mother and we will end in a powerful cave of an ancient yogi followed by a sacred rebirth dip in the crystalline Ganga waters.And in between?

We will share again with our Ambassadors of Peace of their journey with our Embassy Programs and also welcome and initiate additional Affiliates of the Embassy plus share the latest planetary evolutionary updates and so much more!

So,tune in, feel what your heart is saying, do you feel that call to come?
If so then please book quickly with Anjie as places truly are limited.

Our gathering hall is small, our hotel rooms limited although you can book
alternate accommodation in the surrounding area if you need to.

Here are the basics – September 2022
Email: [email protected]

Our free EMBASSY OF PEACE manual

EMBASSY OF PEACE Manual – Programs & Projects:- Personal, Global & Universal Harmonization Programs & Projects for the co-creation of unity and permanent peace on earth.

This manual, by metaphysical author, researcher and Peace Ambassador Jasmuheen, combines the Luscious Lifestyles Program with its 8 point lifestyle plan, with the Madonna Frequency Planetary Peace Program and adds the Embassy’s Universal Harmonization Program.

Designed to promote individual and global health and happiness, these programs also promote permanent peace and prepare earth en-mass to enter into higher paradigms.

Covering lifestyle practices, world health and hunger issues plus extra-terrestrial realities, and more, this manual also helps in the training of the Embassy’s Ambassadors of Peace and Diplomats of Love.

With over 150,000 copies of the Embassy’s Programs downloaded freely a year, in various languages, we now offer this via in paperback for those who require it.

Click here to get your free copy now!