Jasmuheen Background

About Jasmuheen: With her work being implemented in 55 countries and with many of her 42 books now published in 19 languages, Jasmuheen attracts people from all over the world. She is especially loved for her sense of humour and the simple yet powerful techniques she shares that can transform all aspects of people lives…

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Embassy of Peace Informative Videos

As part of our keep it simple motto we have now created a new Embassy of Peace playlist featuring videos on our Affiliates Ambassadors of Peace Program and other videos that share the essence of what the Embassy is about and some of our work in the world. Details about our annual Embassy Retreat and…

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Embassy of Peace Manuals & Research
Free online training & insights into PRANIC LIVING & PRANIC PEOPLE – eliminating all hungers …

Obviously there is a great need for the redistribution of Global resources through the expansion of the energy of heart-felt compassion plus Holistic education programs that address then break the cycles of poverty, however our research into being Source Fed of being nourished by Prana of Chi also has huge global consequences as people unhook…

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Free Meditations for you!

For those of you who need a little more fine-tuning to help you through these changing times please enjoy our free meditation playlist on our YouTube channel!

A Powerful Christmas Season message plus 2018 Update with Jasmuheen