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ROMANIA – Embassy of Peace – Ambassadors

Our Romanian Ambassadors of Peace Carolina Cocis – Ambassador from 2014 Cristiana Dragomir – Ambassador from 2014 Nicoleta Sherban – Ambassador from 2014 Data still to come for – Cosette Grigoras – [email protected] – Ambassador from 2015 & also for Mona nicoleta manciulea – [email protected] – Ambassador from 2014 Jasmuheen in Romania

Romania – Carolina Cocis

ROMANIA – CAROLINA COCIS The Embassy of Peace in Romania plus its Active Ambassadors Ambasada Păcii în limba română, plus ambasadorii activi. Ambassador of Peace in Bucharest Romania Peace Ambassador: Carolina Cocis Email: [email protected] Facebook Page: Peace Ambassador – https://www.facebook.com/carolina.cocis more data to come