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Insights to our Programs


The Embassy of Peace offers programs for Personal, Global and Universal Health and Harmonization and free e-books are available on each at these links.

The below video also provides a brief insight into some of
the focus of the Embassy of Peace.

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PERSONAL & GLOBAL HARMONY – We are who we are, we know what we know and we all have various models of reality.

The question is do our reality models allow the “All is well with all!” idea to be a truth, and if not, then can we fine-tune life here until we live in a world that enhances us all?

Triple Win solutions are resolutions to areas of conflict, that provide beneficial outcomes for our self, other people and our planet!

Global Harmonization becomes much easier when all that we do is good for all.

Taking care of each other with kindness and compassion aids in the creation of the “All is well with All!” goal which also means taking care of basic human rights as proposed in our Global Harmonization Program Projects. These are:-

1. The Prana Program which is designed to minimize and eventually eliminate any limiting health and hunger issues on individual and global levels.
2. The Madonna Frequency Planetary Peace Program free e-book in English which has 9 specific projects & lifestyle skills to minimize political, economic and environmental conflict by attending to basic human rights… see more below …
3. The Interplanetary Education Program – creating beneficial paradigms for our selves, with others in our world and within our universe.

MFPPP-cover-front-SMALLTaking care of each other …

The Madonna Frequency Planetary Peace Program has 9 specific projects & lifestyle skills that when applied will aid in the creation of a peace filled world by attending to basic human rights.

We know in metaphysics that what we focus on becomes real, for our energy feeds it. If we focus on fear, on war, that becomes our reality but if we shift this focus to “What can we do that is positive and beneficial for all?” then a new reality can begin.

When we are united in focus, being clear and committed, then there’s nothing we can’t achieve, provided we follow a few guidelines and get tuned to the “take care of each other and our environment, and honour Mother Earth” agenda which the Prana Program also helps with.

One People living in Harmony on One Planet – OPHOP:-

Being in this paradigm means we have fulfilled our “Loving Life! Happy to be here! All is well with all!” goal.

As we have shared already, this paradigm can be achieved by the fulfillment of The Embassy of Peace Programs plus the application of our more recent work, Pathways of Peace Pragmatics and all that is offered freely throughout our websites and YouTube channel.

PATHWAYS-OF-PEACE-front-cover-smTo understand more of our Programs and Projects
and how to engage in and achieve
personal, global and universal harmonization

you may enjoy our

Cosmic Internet Academy


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