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At the Embassy of Peace we offer…

our Annual Retreats,

our Affiliates Certification and Training Programming,

Live Video Conferencing via Google Hangouts
with Peace Ambassador and Embassy founder Jasmuheen

plus free manuals that cover all of our Programs & Projects!

The Programs & Events of the Embassy of Peace are just for people who want to contribute to this world in a nourishing way …

If this is you then … considering joining us at our annual

Embassy of Peace Retreat
and even becoming an Embassy Affiliate!


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You may also feel called to
enjoy our other seminars or retreats!
For our complete 2015 Schedule with dates plus our tour theme!

Jasmuheen in Romania 2014 with som eof the people from their retreat in the beautiful mountains!

Jasmuheen in Romania 2014 with some of the people from their retreat in the beautiful mountains!

We also have our …

  • Darkroom Retreats – these offer a very unique, deep yogi Zen Mastery experience via 9 days and 9 nights in absolute darkness and no food!
  • Pranic Living Events – gaining more freedom of choice re external and/or even internal nutritional flows to feed our physical, emotional, mental bio systems and receive all the gifts our Essence nature has for us.
  • Sacred Art Retreats – accessing and enjoying supreme creativity while also creating and activating dimensional portals for your home.
  • Or … become an Ambassador of Peace and receive your training for this at our annual Embassy of Peace Retreat!

To find out if I will be in an area near you, holding seminars or retreats, click here.

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