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Our Embassy Programs in 2017

Embassy of Peace 2017 Retreat News for our Ambassadors with Jasmuheen

Our Events in China, Tibet and Brazil …

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Join our Peace Ambassadors for a  Relaxing, Innovative & Globally Productive  Experience.

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Mystical lakes & mountains, a city called heaven on earth, another now bubbling with huge political change … Scroll down for more!

  • China – 5 day Embassy of Peace Retreat in the beautiful Hangzhou – a city called Heaven on Earth by the Chinese – retreat dates 24th – 28th June 2017 then an optional 5 days in Tibet for retreat attendees only – 1st – 5th July – Chinese Organizer – email Wu Ling ilovejas@qq.com

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For health, happiness and harmony to be real for us all, we have to acknowledge and experience the limitless internal resource of our own pure and perfect ascended nature. Without its guidance, love, light and energy we cannot achieve such lofty goals but with it … there is no limit to what an awakened individual and society can achieve!

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