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Embassy of Peace Upgrades Program

UPGRADESUpgrading All Global Systems

In this section you will find more on our Upgrades Program which we began in 2013, focusing on upgrading our global health, education, environmental, economic, political and even our nutritional systems so that they will all eventually operate for the highest good of all!

UPGRADES & UPGRADING – videos on …

  • Upgrade Series Playlist – on our YouTube Channel
  • Youtube Video Upgrades Series Introduction including Social Upgrade Coding
  • Community Unity – lifestyle for health and harmony – Improving personal and planetary health plus the power of community unity as more and more people deal with cancer, depression and other dis-ease.
  • Personal Upgrades Contemplation Meditation video
  • Environmental Upgrades – see below on Cosmic Mircro Fuel
  • Political Upgrades – Video with programming codes.
  • Personal & Global Nutrition Upgrades – Cosmic Micro-fuel Upgrades plus Outside in & Inside Out Feeding – from carnivore to breatharian – In this update we discuss the health & environmental impact of our dietary choices (including obesity) as now, after 20 years of personal experiential research and traveling constantly to share our research into this field of alternate nourishment, and connecting with the various people whose journey this is, we have finally been able to classify nourishment as being delivered to us in various ways and from a variety of sources.
  • Introduction to our Relationship & Networks Upgrade Meditation.
  • During our 2015 tour time program we will also supply additional specific programming codes for personal & global Upgrades – Tour dates

EMBASSY OF PEACE – videos to see.

Also if just being healthier, happier, more peace filled and living harmoniously with all life appeals to you then come & enjoy & add your energy to our famous

Become an Ambassador of Peace
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